26 December 2012

Baby Head Bands (Tutorial)


Cotton yarn (fine or fingerling #2), just a small amount
Crochet needle No. 3 mm
1 elastic band for pony tails
Sewing needle to attach the flower on the band

Hilo de algodón fino (sólo una pequeña cantidad)
Aguja de crochet No. 3 mm
Banda elástica
Aguja para coser la flor sobre la banda

Instructions (Instrucciones):

7 cadenas

* Start with 7 chains (for a wider band, use 9 chains). These chains will serve as the foundation, in preparation to cast on the elastic band on the next row.
* Inicie con 7 cadenas [9 para una cinta más ancha]. Estas cadenas sirven como base para la próxima hilera, cuando los puntos se montan sobre la banda elástica.

por debajo de la banda, 1 cad + pto. simple

Row 1> Make one more chain, and then insert the needle in the 2nd chain from hook. Pass the needle below the elastic band, pick the yarn and finish the stitch on top of the elastic band. Repeat 6 more times. (Total: 7 st)
Hilera 1> Hacer 1 cadena más. Insertar en la segunda cadena desde la aguja, y hacer medio pilar (punto sencillo), montándolo sobre la banda elástica. (Total: 7 p.)

7 puntos simples

Row 2> 3 chains (counts as first dc). Make dc over the sc´s below (Total: 7 st)
Hilera 2> 3 cadenas (cuenta como primer vareta), hacer una vareta sobre cada medio punto. (Total: 7 p.)

7 varetas

Row 3> Chain 3 (counts as first dc). Make 1 dc in the space in between the dc´s below. Repeat in every space. (Total: 7 dc’s)
Hilera 3> 3 cadenas (cuenta como primer pilar / vareta). Hacer 1 pilar en el espacio entre las varetas de la hilera anterior, y repetir en cada espacio. (Total: 7 p)

7 varetas entre varetas anteriores

Row 4 and up> Repeat row 3 until you reach the desired length [Check the chart below for the approximate measures according to age].
Hilera 4> Repetir la Hilera 3 hasta alcanzar el tamaño deseado [Revisar el cuadro abajo para calcular el largo según la edad].

repetir...hasta el largo deseado

Here is list of suggested sizes:
(Note: When measuring, take into account the elastic band as well, not stretched)
A continuación les doy una lista de medidas sugeridas:
(Nota: Al medir, tomen en cuenta la banda elástica, sin estirarla)

casi terminado...

Last row> Finish with a row of sc’s, casting them on to the other side of the elastic band. Be careful not to twist.
Última hilera> Termine con una hilera de puntos simples, montándolos sobre el otro extremo de la banda elástica.

Finally, decorate with a crochet flower, and sew it on the band, close to the top.
Finalmente, decore la cinta con una flor en ganchillo, y cosa en uno de los costados de la cinta.

There are many crochet flower options. You can find free flower patterns in the following links:
Hay muchas opciones de flores en ganchillo. Pueden encontrar patrones de flores (con diagramas o en ingles) en los siguientes enlaces:

* CrochetPattern Central (links to other sites, mostly written instructions)
* My Picot (diagrams)
* JessicaTromp (diagrams)
* Protenska: “3D crochet flower” (written and photo tutorial)


See how it looks on a BABY GIRL...
Miren cómo se mira en la cabecita de una bebé...

And check other versions in Ravelry!
Y pueden ver otras versiones en Ravelry!

Now... make and enjoy!
Ahora... ¡manos a la obra, y a disfrutar!


  1. Anonymous1/02/2013

    How cute are these?! Thanks for sharing

  2. So sweet, I shall have to make one for my niece and maybe, if I can, one for my giant noggin too!

    S x

  3. These are so sweet! Thanks for sharing the pattern :) Have a happy new week! xo Holly

  4. great pattern! thanks for sharing.

  5. Anonymous2/13/2013

    Great pattern!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. what is the flower pattern you used?

    1. I mostly use the flower @ Protenska (click link above to go to the pattern)

  8. I never thought of using pony tail holders for the stretchy part. Thanks for sharing!! So much better than ties!!

  9. Anonymous8/15/2013

    I love it... ;-)

  10. Hair tie expander! Genius! Thank you so much!

  11. I love that you used the pony tail holder to be an expander! I just started making some crochet headbands and was feeling bummed that they weren't more elastic. Now I just need to go get some hair elastics in colors other than black... Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    1. It's my pleasure...and I am glad you liked them ;-)

  12. Thank you for your wonderful pattern and pictures.

  13. Anonymous3/03/2014

    cute pattern and easy to understand! great work :) cant wait to work up a bunch of these for gifts!

  14. Gorgeous headband, so well explained and written, love the colours too BTW.

  15. muy bonitas, muy original utilizara la goma de esta forma. Yo suelo utilizar una goma mas gruesa, pero pienso que así es mas comodo para las niñas.

  16. Hi....thanks for the great pattern. I am going to try for sure. I notice in a picture of the purple headband the elastic looks doubled?? Do you double it up to make it smaller for the smaller size headbands?

    1. Great comment! I dubled it because the elastic was too long, and I wanted to use that color ;-)

  17. Preciosas!! Gracias por compartir. Cuando consiga un hueco me pongo a hacer unas.

  18. beautiful, thank you so much for sharing the English pattern

  19. Do you mind if people sell items made with this pattern? I will give you credit for it :)

    1. No problem, Emily! You can use the pattern, and sell the items you made. If you publish them in your blog, make a link to my blog. Thanks for asking ;-)

  20. I want to commend you on your instructions and photos. Great for the crochet beginner. Thanks.

  21. I think I will crochet a heart for mine??

  22. Thank you for this easy crochet headband so gonna try this this wknd

  23. Thank you for this easy crochet headband so gonna try this this wknd

  24. I'm unable to find the flower pattern, when you click on the link you mentioned that you used it's not available. Can you recommend another pattern or email me the directions? I would love to make headbands for my boss' new twin granddaughters :) Thank you for sharing the pattern!

  25. Could you sew the flower directly to the elastic band to hide it or would that not work if it gets stretched?

  26. Beautiful!! Thankyou for sharing!!

  27. So adorable, making these next.

  28. Anonymous11/24/2016

    Merci pour ce tuto tres facile et ingénieux !
    Erika / La Rochelle (France)

  29. Thank you for this easy crochet headband so gonna try this this wknd

  30. Gorgeous Headband, so well explained and written, love the colours too BTW.

  31. How can I make these a little wider for an older child?

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  33. Anonymous2/24/2018

    how about a printed pattern without ALL those photos, got any idea how much ink and paper you go through the way you have it posted?

    1. Anonymous2/25/2018

      You can copy and paste just the instruction parts into a word document to get rid of the photos and save for easy access later on..For beginner crocheters like me it is helpful to see the pictures to make sure it looks the same so I can make sure I am doing it correctly or incorectly.. I thought this headband pattern was so cute will have to make one for my friend who is expecting later this year! I also thought the word document is a good idea also for advanced crocheters because you can save on ink and time when you go back to find the pattern ☺

  34. merci beaucoup pour ce modèle

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