A display of blankets featured in Lanas de Ana [some made by Beatriz or Chichi, as noted]...
Estas son las frazadas que he mostrado aquí en mi blog: Lanas de Ana.  [Algunas tejidas por mi mamá (Beatriz) y mi tía (Chichi)]...

Antique Pink

Stripes for a Boy

Daisy blanket (version 2)
Noah's Ark with Granny squares
Stripes for Boy
Sweet African Flower
Fantasy "Sand & Sea"

Boy stripes (4° Mood)

Flowers and Stripes (3° Mood)
Granny Tiles (2° Mood)
Granny Squares (1° Mood)

Stash Garter

Peaceful Hexagon


Links to the Fantasy Blanket:
* All stages of the Fantasy Blanket:
Instructions for each individual stage:
I.  The Beginning
II. The Flower 
III. Granny Stripes
IV. Mini-zigzag 
V. Waves
VI. Shells
VI. Construction
VII. Border
*  The Reveal  (+ 2 more, by Beatriz and Chichi)

Blue Canvas
Nautical (Ana)

Daisy (Ana)


Polka-Dot Granny Blanket (Beatriz)

Aqua Larksfoot (Chichi)

Granny's Love (by Chichi)

2 Granny-Stripes Blankets
Larksfoot (by Chichi)

Sweet Ocean Breeze (by Beatriz)
Granny Stripes (by Beatriz)

ClamShell (Beatriz)
Alpaca Ripple (Beatriz)

Diagonal (Chichi)

Pastel Waves (Chichi)

Boy Stripes (Chichi)

Boy Stripes (Beatriz)

Girl Stripes (Beatriz)

Oh Boy! Granny (Beatriz)

Summer Garden (Chichi)

Granny Tiles (Beatriz)

Mosaic Blanket (Beatriz)


  1. LOVE all the Blankets. I am looking for one to use for Baby Car Seat?? Do you have one or tell me how eo make slits in?? Susan M Jensen

    1. Thanks, Susan! I have not made a blanket esepcifically for a car seat. Sorry...I have no idea!

  2. All your blankets look lovely, thank you so much for publishing patterns for them - I will be trying the fantasy blanket soon as it's a fabulous way to use up yarn!

    Susan, you may have solved this already but I'd suggest using a pattern where you work the long bit in rows, then skip a suitable number of stitches (work the same number of chains as stitches you skip on the rows which line up with the car seat fastenings. Alternatively if you want slits wider than one stitch then use any pattern but treat it as three separate sections (if your pattern requires lots of colour changes this may generate lots of ends) - ie if your pattern was 100 stitches wide then you could work all the rows requiring the slit as a 25 stitch pattern, then restart the pattern again from stitch 30 to 70, and then do it again for 75-100. If you want to make the edges neat then you can always put a round of DC (or SC in American) inside the slit.

  3. I really like your blankets. :-) You have a soft pastel style and it's very soothing. I am a flower fanatic and couldn't help being drawn to that fantasy blanket flower row, and the blanket with crochet flowers stitched to the top of your border. Very sweet.

  4. Oh, I forgot! "Sweet Ocean Breeze" has colors to die for! And I want to thank you so, so much for having your posts in English AND I believe Spanish(?)! I appreciate the thoughtfulness, and the time and effort you put into doing that! I have run across a few other bloggers that do this, and I appreciate it (and feel true relief and joy when I see it on a blog!) so very much! So glad I followed Sue Pinner's link to your site and truly got to look around. :-D

  5. Anonymous2/13/2014

    I love the daisy blanket, can you tell me how you get the colours in between the white clusters around the edge of the blanket. I can manage the squares buy cannot work out how you did the edging of the blank you say you used brick stitch. I am a beginner so apologise if its obvious to everyone Violet

    1. No problem, Violet. I am glad to help. I also call this stitch: Mosaic, and you can find a chart and written instructions here:
      rthe instructions are for a scarf, but it does apply to the blanket as well.
      I hope this information helps :-)

  6. That looks great so far!!! so sweet!! I am not good at crafts...i have tried and My mom used to be crafty, but then she gave it up....maybe when I start having 3 years...she'll get the urge again haha

  7. These blanket are adorable. I received this beautiful Blanket in the mail last week... and I have my fingers crossed that it came from Wish2Stitch. **Received an email & YES it was**. I love to credit any donation to the generous blogger who sent it...

  8. Hi there...I was on pinterest and found a pin of a blanket that you crocheted. When I clicked through on the link it took me to your old blog which further directed me to here. I was wondering if you still have a link to the pattern you used to make the blanket? Thank you!

    1. Hello, Eugenia.
      The link to that blanket is this (which is in my old blog):
      I did not use a pattern. It is just rows of sc, some of which are made only in the back loop, for added texture.
      Just a few rows are Dc.

  9. Anonymous4/13/2015

    Hello! I wanted to know if the Girl Stripes (Beatrix) was available for the pattern?

  10. Hi I love your fantasy blanket unsure how many stitches to start of for 40" wide blanket not sure how long it will be. Can you help me>kate Boyle's mom Jane

    1. I probably would start with 122sts for that width. But remember that it all depends on the yarn you use and how tight/loose you crochet. The good news is that you will notice if you like the width, or not, within the first rows :-)
      I hope this info helps!
      ♥ Ana BC

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