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Simple Cable Neckwarmer (Knit)

Fantasy Blanket
Link to all Stitches: Fantasy Blanket
Also: Pattern in RAVELRY (with PDF download in English and Spanish) 

Polka-Dot Granny Blanket
Graphic charts (not full pattern) 

Sunburst-like motif

Bloom Coasters

How to: Simple Flower Hairclips

Baby Head bands

Baktus (in Spanish)
Note: The original pattern of the BAKTUS Scarf is by Strikkelise, and she gave me permission to translate it into Spanish.  The English version can be found in Ravelry: Baktus Scarf.
Nota: Esta es una traducción del patrón original del Baktus, escrito por Strikkelise. 

Granny Stripes Scarf

Red Scarf (graphic st)

Granny Star

Mosaic Scarf

Bufanda Infinito (Español)

Up-Down Infinity (English)

Granny Squares Blanket

Wave Blanket

Lattice Scarf

Nina Blanket (Knit)

Granny Hat

Visor Hat

Estrella Invernal (gráfico)
Winter Star (graphic)


  1. Hola me encanta tu blog, tienes muchos trabajos lindos y veo que te encantan las bufandas. feliz dia

  2. Anonymous2/12/2013

    Hi Ana: I LOVE, LOVE your style. I especially love your children's sweaters. I recently learned how to crochet but am not comfortable enough yet to venture out on my own (as far as changing a pattern). Would you consider selling your pattern? I would love to try crocheting one for my granddaughter. Thanks! - Betzi Ruiz

    1. Thank you, Betzi. I really dont have a pattern for the sweaters. I basically improvise (just following the basic idea of the baby cardigan I refer to in my posts (Lanas & Hilos). You wouldn´t believe how many times I have to do and unravel...but each times it is different because all depends on the yarn and hook you use, and how loose/tight you crochet. I encouragre you, though, to start experimenting, especially if it is with a child´s garment.

  3. Anonymous8/22/2013

    I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how very much I appreciate that your instructions are also in English. Your work is beautiful.

  4. Thank You for Patterns in English. I love your Hats, scarves and shawls. Im a senior teaching my self. Do pretty good reading patterns so far.Love to do Bags and I like Squares . I would like the Granny Square Bag not yet out ?? Sweet Cherrie?? I think its called.

  5. Anonymous10/13/2013

    I like your mini granny square gift bags. I have had a stroke so it is difficult for me to brake things down any basics of those granny squares like # of circle ch stitches and # of ch in between clusters of three. And you are using double crochet correct. Any clarity you can give me would be a help i really want to make these. If you can make any directions simple and basic.if you will do this ... i won't be able to thank you enough. Cyndy

    1. I am so sorry, but I don´t have the pattern for the mini-granny gift bags ;-(

  6. Hi Lana, I love your patterns!!! You are very talented. Thank you so much for making it possible for the patterns to be in english also.

  7. I would like to know if I could have the pattern for the baby hat and sweater, I have been making just plain hats to donate to our hospital. But I love yours if you can it's If not I understand
    You are doing great work keep it up it is greatly appreciated and often the people who do the hard work aren't getting the gratitude they deserve, so I would like to say thank you from all those little warm babies, you're doing something special

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I forward the same gratitude back at you for your lovely work. I have not made patterns for baby sweaters because it is hard to make calculations for the different sizes. I have done them in trial-and-error. But my suggestion is that you go to Ravelry where they have huge amounts of patterns (some free and some paid)

  8. Thank you for all those beautiful patterns!

  9. what method do you use to weave in ends on your k10-p10 baby blanket? Also did you carry yarn up the sides? your knitting is so lovely -- so is your crochet but I don't crochet.

  10. I usually cut the yarn when changing colors. To weave the ends: I hide one strand at a time, and at the eand I split the yarn in half, and do a double knot.

  11. Anonymous8/09/2022

    I would love to get the crochet patterns for 5 year old - the dresses are beautiful and I would love to make one for my niece!


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