09 March 2014

Mood Blanket: Granny Tiles (68/365)

(Crochet * Stash-buster)

With granny number 67, I am finishing the second baby blanket, as part of the Crochet Mood Blanket Challenge... 
Con el cuadrito número 67 estoy terminando la segunda manda de bebé, como parte del Reto Crochet Mood Blanket...

As I mentioned before, instead of making one huge blanket, I will be making several baby blankets. The first one was made with 42 squares. The motifs of this second blanket are larger, therefore it only needed 25 squares.  I made solid granny squares in: navy blue, red, grey, green, yellow, light blue and orange.  All colored squares were later joined on the last row with color white.

Como mencioné antes, en lugar de hacer una gran manta, decidí hacer varias mantas de bebé. La primera la hice con 42 cuadros.  La segunda tiene sólo 25 cuadros, pero los motifs son más grandes.  Primero hice cuadros de colores: azul marino, rojo, verde, gris, amarillo mostaza, celeste y naranja.  Luego uní estos cuadros de color en la última pasada con blanco.   

Today is day 68, so I already made the square for the day, which is the start of a new blanket…
Hoy es el día 68, así que ya hice el cuadrito del día, lo cual marca el inicio de una nueva manta…


  1. Beautiful, Ana! This one is so fresh and clean looking. Very nice!

  2. The mixture of strong colours and pastels works well I like your neat joining method.

  3. uau Ana, te están quedando todas preciosas! :)

  4. Lovely blanket Ana, I like the motif for your new blanket, it's like a sunburst. :)

  5. Hola es preciosa¡¡¡¡ que bonitos son los colores que utilizas siempre.

  6. The blanket is really cute, you used a nice mix of colours, and I love the new square you've made, can't wait to see the whole blanket! : )

  7. Your baby blankets are simply beautiful!so beautiful!

  8. What a wonderful blanket!! I especially like how the grannies' white borders run together into circles at the corners!

  9. Me parece que está preciosa y muy novedosa. Muy original. Felicitaciones y buena semana

  10. You are crocheting these up so fast, love your latest one, beautiful.

  11. beautiful blanket Ana... i love the bright colors... :)

  12. Yo estoy enamorada de tus mantas :)

  13. Very cute Ana! Lovely blanket ;)
    The white in the outside always is my favorite ending!

  14. What a lovely and simple blanket Ana. Sometimes simplicity is beauty !! And this blanket is fresh and lovely !!

  15. Hi , you are a great inspiration for me. You make so wonderful blankets! This one is also beautiful.
    So neatly joined! Any specific method to join ?? Can you pls share it...
    xo xo 😊

    1. Thank you for your kind words :-) For this blanket, I used the "JOIN AS YOU GO" method. The best way to learn it is by watching videos in YouTube (just type the words I wrote in bold)


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