25 May 2013

Diagonal Blanket

(Crochet * Stash-buster)
Made by: Chichi

My aunt made this blanket for a baby boy.
Mi tía tejió esta manta para una bebé.

It is a crochet blanket made from corner to corner, diagonally. 
Es una manta a ganchillo, tejida de esquina a esquina, en forma diagonal. 

She alternated light blue and white. 
Alternó entre celeste y blanco. 

It has a very nice wide border. 
Tiene un lindo borde ancho.

Pattern found in the booklet: “Our Best Baby Afghans” (by Leisure Arts).
There is also a nice tutorial with a chart @ Mam'zelle Flo: Diagonal English Tutorial

El patrón se encuentra en el libro: “Our Best Baby Afghans” (de Leisure Arts).
También hay un tutorial (PAP) en inglés, con gráfica @ Mamzelle Flo: Diagonal


  1. Great blanket. So huggable... X

  2. So pretty. I have never seen a diagonal blanket before. Blogland is so inspiring

  3. Interesantno dijagonalno heklanje,divno je!!
    Pozdrav iz Srbije!:)

  4. Chichi's blanket is beautiful Ana, I have tried this diagonal pattern before but I couldn't grasp it at the time, I may have to try again :)

  5. thats very pretty

  6. So simple yet so pretty!

  7. What a very wonderful blanket and the pattern is fantastic but looks very complicated. Love the color. Hugs Judy

  8. Qué bonita manta! Me encantan los colores, me transmiten mucha paz y tranquilidad, seguro que el bebé recibe las mismas vibraciones :)
    Arte Friki

  9. Hermosa manta !! Felicito a tu tía, cariños !!!

  10. Lindísima!! y muy original el tejerla en diagonal!!

  11. This blanket is gorgeous! Love the blue and white, and it looks so soft :) Wendy

  12. I love the pattern of this blanket. It's so beautyful. Greetings from Germany. Sabine.

  13. Que bonita la manta!! Ha quedado preciosa!!!

  14. Beautiful...and oh those colors!

  15. Congratulations friend for his work and his blog is a charm, I am participating in the blog, know my work and if you like part of my blog too, a big hug and a wonderful weekend to you friend.

  16. this is so lovely! Thanks for putting in the link to the tutorial too! I posted about how much I love this blanket on my blog, and included one of your pics. This is definitely the pattern for the next blanket I am going to make!

  17. This is so pretty! I am definitely going to make one! I will send u a pic!!

  18. Anonymous8/07/2014

    This is so pretty, I am currently busy with my... I like the border... Where can I find the instructions/tutorial for the border, as the tutorial only shows how to start the blanket?


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