18 March 2013

Blanket: Study in Squares

Frazada: Estudio en Cuadros
(Crochet * Stash-Buster)

I finished my first stash-buster blanket of the year…
Completé mi primera frazada con lanas acumuladas…

A granny blanket, in solid-color squares. Total squares: 108
Una frazada de la abuelita, con cuadros en colores sólidos. Total de cuadros: 108

This is a gift “from me to myself”…for the sofa in my study. 
Este es un regalo “de mí para mí”…para el sofá en mi estudio.

Made with one-color granny squares.
Hecha con cuadros de la abuelita en colores sólidos.

Yarn: DK acrylic.  Hook 3.5 mm.
Lana acrílica delgada.  Gancho 3.5 mm.

Colors: Brown, Beige, Cream, Camel, 2 greens, 3 grays, Raspberry, Magenta, Antique Pink. 
Colores: Café, camello, beige, crema, 2 verdes, 3 grises, Frambuesa, Magenta, Rosado antiguo.

A wide border with Granny stripes in all the colors (except cream).  And the final touch in brown.  Here is a sketch of what I did for that last row…
Un borde ancho con franjas de la abuelita en todos los colores (excepto crema). Y el toque final en café, con una puntada especial.  Aquí les dejo una gráfica de lo que hice en esa última hilera… 

It is an unusual color combination, inspired by the decor in my study: brown sofa, green wall, and the magenta/wheat/green artwork.
Utilicé una combinación inusual de colores, inspirada por el entorne de mi estudio: sofá café, pared verde, cuadros magenta/trigo/verdes.

I like the look of the blanket in this space.
Me gusta cómo la frazada complementó el espacio.


  1. Oh my, aren't these solid granny square blankets gorgeous? I love your colours, they are so calm yet so lively!

  2. LOVE the borders......so well done and look great!

  3. Anonymous3/18/2013

    Hola, Bonita,bonita, Mi magusta assi!
    That is about it I am afraid. Your blanket is truly beautiful I am making a very big blanket just now. Could you please help me with a query. I am using the same yarn,the same size hook and yet some of the squares do not lie flat and have Madonna type bumps. I have always thought I had quite even tension when I am crocheting. This is causing me some disappointment in a blanket where I have worked over 500 squars
    No magusta assi para mi frazada.
    Hasta Luego Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda. It is strange what is happening to your squares especially if you are using the same kind of yarn. I have not seen that! Have you tried blocking the rebel squares? Are you joining as you go? sometimes the squares even out when you join them. I really hope you find a solution, because it is such a HUGE project.
      Buena Suerte (Good luck!)

  4. Wow what a beautiful blanket. Love the colors and the border.

  5. Anonymous3/18/2013

    How lovely. I love the colors and pattern. Kathy

  6. Wow Ana that is so beautiful, I just love the colour combination it matches your study perfectly well done :)

  7. Anaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Es PRECIOSAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Pero qué bonita!!! qué bonitaaaaaa!!!! me encaaaantaaaaa!!!!!! los colores, el borde, la forma... TODO!!!!! me encantan las mantitas de ganxillo, tienen un no sé qué tan espcial... verdad? Besos!

  8. AMAZING!!! Your blanket is so beautiful. It is a real piece of ART!! You beautiful colors in the jewel tones look lovely with the room. Great job!

  9. Está linda a manta.
    Adoro as cores!!

    Um Beijo

  10. Really inspiring colour combination. It goes so well in your room :)

  11. Love the colors. So pretty!

  12. Te ha quedado preciosa, y la combinación de colores perfecta, te felicito.

  13. It is really unusual color combination, but so pretty! I love your color choice and thanks for the border graphic chart.
    Have a sunny day

  14. Ana, the blanket is fantastic!!! You are quick ;-) Nice day! Jana

  15. Lovely colours and so neatly sewn together.

  16. Hola, es una manta impresionante¡¡¡¡

  17. It's nice to make a gift for yourself every once in a while. I love the colours of your blanket and the edging is really pretty

  18. Ana, me encantó tu manta. Es preciosa!!!
    Los colores armonizan perfectamente, luce fabulosa.
    Felicitaciones, disfrútala mucho :)

  19. I made one very similar. How much fun to see how it looks in other colors - beautiful, very calming. You can check mine out here: http://flythecoopcrafts.blogspot.com/2013/02/granny-patchwork-blanket-reveal.html

  20. Hola Ana! maravillosa tu manta, que gran trabajo, me gusta mucho los colores que has combinado y el borde que le has hecho es preciosa! FELICIDADES, por tan bonito trabajo
    un abrazo

  21. Te quedó lindísima!!!!!
    Besos tejidos.

  22. Muy bonita Ana es preciosa.

  23. wow, its beautiful...I love it...

  24. It's a beautiful colour combination - soothing but happy. That magenta really makes it sparkle. :)

  25. La combinacionde colores es fantatica y ha quedado preciosa.
    En mi blog presenté otro reto de Adios lanas acumuladas
    Besos Anny

  26. Many thanks Ana for your comments on my previous post.
    I am now your newest follower.

    This is a great post and its lovely to see just how a simple granny square and border can be converted into something so wonderful having chosen the right combinding colours as you have.

    keep well

    y un abrazo desde Alicante,España :-)

    Amanda :-)

  27. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    And.. nice colours, i love granny squares!


  28. Beautiful. I like it how with a very simple pattern like this one you can make something so beautiful and as always I love how you combine your colours.

  29. What a beautiful blanket!! The colours are so pretty, and the blanket is perfect for your study :) Lovely crochet work.

  30. que linda te quedo!! y felicitaciones por ser la primera que hiciste =) yo aun no hago una =S
    puras ganas pk tiempo no tengo.
    gracias por tu visita =)

  31. I love it! The colors go together fabulously!

  32. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the color combinations. You must have used the join as you go method -- which I haven't tried, but read the instructions for and I'm not quite sure I understood them. The color of your study walls is the same as my bedroom. Lovely! Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  33. The more muted colours look beautiful! My sis and I work together on one last year, in brighter colours,, but I think this version might go back on the To-Do list. Well done.

  34. Stunning. The palette is incredible Ana.

  35. Un trabajo fenomenal.
    I love your blanket. X

  36. This is simply beautiful. I love these colours together.
    Enjoy your blanket.

  37. gorgeousn and love the edging! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  38. Just gorgeous and love the colors .
    The edge is real special too.
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
    Well done.
    Love it.

  39. How did you put all those blocks together?
    Is it done 'as you go'.
    I have seen it before but never saw a turorial for it.It is a stunning blanket enjoy after all the hard work.

    1. Thank you for your interest...Yes, I used the "as you go" joining method. You can find tutorials in Youtube (easier to follow because they are visual). I have photos to explain the how to and links to patterns here:
      I really recommend this joining method; I use it a lot.

  40. This looks so good I am going to try one in colours to match my lounge. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Excellent! Let me know how it goes...

  41. Hola Ana!

    Me encanta esta manta! ¿Me podrías decir qué marca de lana has usado?


    1. Hola, María. Usé una lana de marca Madame Tricote, del tipo Dora. Es muy bonita, con un lindo brillo sedoso. Es acrílica, pero suave y manejable.

  42. Anonymous2/04/2015

    Very pretty, this blanket!



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