07 March 2013

My First Poncho

Mi Primer Poncho
(Crochet * Stash-Buster)

For a long time I have been dreaming of making a poncho…and I finally did…
Desde hace tiempo he deseado hacerme un poncho…y finalmente lo hice… 

The Stash-BustingChallenge pushed me to take the step and make my first poncho.  The funny thing is that I could not stop at one, but made two…one in blue tones and the other one in neutrals (which I will show you on the next post…)
El Reto me ha dado el empujón que necesitaba para hacer mi primer poncho.  Lo gracioso es que no sólo hice uno…sino dos: uno en tonos azules, y el otro en neutrales (el cual les mostraré en la próxima entrada…) 

Colors: Navy Blue, teal, turquoise, aqua, light blue, white, light and dark grey.
Colores: turquesa, aqua, azul verdoso, azul marino, celeste, blanco, gris claro y oscuro.

A perfect Stash-Buster, using small amounts of each color.
Un proyecto perfecto para usar las lanas acumuladas, ya que se usa poca cantidad de cada color.

All worsted yarn. Hook: 4.5mm
Todas las lanas son medianas. Gancho: 4.5 mm.   

Pattern (Patrón) @ Le Monde de Sucrette: Poncho

[Note: In the increase part, I made 2 chains instead of one that the pattern calls for.  I also made a little change at the neck part, making a rib effect with Front & Back post sts.]. 
[Nota: En la parte del aumento, lo hice con dos cadenas en lugar de una.  También hice una pequeña variación en el cuello, dandole un efecto de resorte].

I will show you more photos of my second poncho (in neutral tones) in the next post..
Les mostraré más fotos de mi segundo poncho (con tonos neutrales) en la próxima entrada...


  1. Ana que lindo poncho!! como me gustaria aprender a hacer uno pero no me animo, admiro a las que saben tejer tan bien!!! te felicito!

  2. Me gusta mucho, de hecho está dentro de mi lista de cosas pendientes. Me gusta cómo has combinado los colores.

  3. The ponchos are both really lovely! I like the border of the brown poncho most, it looks very interesting because of the change of the different rows, but your neck parts are pretty too! Congrats for doing this! Happy weekend to you and your family! Sabine.

  4. They are lovely Ana, I love making poncho's they are such fun to do :)

  5. Love your ponchos Ana - I'd love to try one sometime...I remember the one I wore as a young girl!!
    Ali x

  6. Te quedó precioso, hermosa combinación de colores.

  7. Lovely ponchos - I like the mix of blues too. I've never made one before and it's on my 'to do list' too :) Elisabeth x

  8. Preciosos! Me han encantado.

  9. Just simply gorgeous. Love the blue with the blue shirt!

  10. Anonymous3/07/2013

    Very lovely! I also saw your Granny square shawls and thought they were pretty. So many things to make. Kathy

  11. cute ,love the combination....pretty to wear with jeans.

  12. came out beautiful

  13. Me encanto ver conocer tu blog, esta todo bello...besotes...:)

  14. Anonymous3/08/2013

    beautiful colors combination! :)

  15. Is this your first poncho? Wow you did a great job, the shape is good en the colors go very wel together. I am sure you are proud on it!

  16. Lindísima combinación de colores! Te quedó bello ;-)

  17. Anonymous3/10/2013

    Lindos! Adorei as cores!

    Convido-a a visitar o meu cantinho:

  18. Hello! Your new poncho is very nice. And the poncho in neutral colors is nice too!! I made for my daughter color full poncho and I agree with you... I would like to make a one for me :)

    Have a lovely day, Jolana

  19. Hello Ana. This new ponchos are beautiful.
    The colors are beautiful combination.
    Have a nice time. Jarmila

  20. Its beautiful! Great colour combos!

  21. Simply pretty! Hopping in from Crochet Happy link party.

  22. Anonymous3/15/2013

    Cute poncho! I love the blue! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

    Navy Wifey Peters

  23. Anonymous12/30/2014

    looking for the pattern


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