28 March 2013

On my Hook: 3 Blankets

(Crochet * Stash-buster)

I think I will call this the “Year of the Blankets”.  I have never had so many in progress.  Maybe it is the “Stash-buster effect” (I guess there is no better way to use up the stash than blankets because they take so much yarn). 
Me parece que este año tendrá que ser reconocido como “el Año de las Mantas”. Nunca antes había me había dispuesto a hacer tantas como ahora.  Creo que es resultado del reto para usar las lanas acumuladas, pues no hay mejor forma de acabarlas que haciendo mantas ya que llevan mucha lana.

I have shown you already two hexagon projects, which are long-term.  I am working on them slowly… because I started others that have higher priority:
Ya les mostré  dos mantas con hexágonos, que son proyectos a largo plazo.  Voy avanzando lento con ellas…porque comencé otras que son más apremiantes:

a.  Blue Canvas

This will be a flower blanket for my niece, who is moving into a new house (a great excuse to remodel her room!). She helped me choose the colors and we have been playing together with color combinations…
Esta frazada es para mi sobrina, quien va a mudarse a su nueva casa (una buena excusa para remodelar su dormitorio).  El me ayudó a escoger los colores, y juntas hemos estado jugando con las combinaciones de colores…

I am using a variation of the Sunburst square motif (more about this later…). 
Estoy usando el motif conocido como “Sunburst”, aunque un poco modificado (les compartiré más detalles en el futuro…).

b.  Nautical Squares

This granny square blanket is for a nephew.  Last year, I made a ripple blanket for his brother, and now he wants one too…but with squares…
Esta manta de cuadros de la abuelita es para un sobrino.  El año pasado le hizo una frazada ripple a su hermano, y ahora él quiere una…pero con cuadros… 

Granny Squares in the following colors: light blue, country blue, bright blue, navy blue, red, orange, cream, white and 2 greys.
Cuadros de la abuelita en los siguientes colores: 4 tonos de azul, 2 tonos de gris, crema, blanco, naranja, rojo.

c. Daisy Granny Squares

This will be a baby blanket…for a girl, of course.  It is made with granny squares that have a daisy in the center.
Esta última es una frazada para bebé…claro está, para una niña.  También son cuadros de la abuelita, pero con una margarita en el centro.   

There are other blankets, made by my mom and aunt, which I want to share with you.  I will take the photos and will show them to you, hopefully soon…
Hay otras mantas, hechas por mi mamá y mi tía, que les quiero mostrar.  Les tomaré fotos y se las compartiré pronto…


  1. All three projects look gorgeous, but I love the first one the most. Just finished a granny blanket, all squares framed in blue and this one somehow reminds me of it. Your niece really has a good taste in colours!

  2. Wow, at least three blankets a once! You are a crocheting wizard. :-) I am sure these gifts of love will be very appreciated. All three are just so beautiful.

    I agree, blankets are a great way to bust the stash. Then once there is stash leftover from the stash another crazy mixed up color blanket can be made. The stash-busting feels so good doesn't it? Thanks for spurning us all on, Ana.

  3. I love the first and the last motif, they look a bit like Spring or Summer. And here it is sooo cold, I need more warmness ... Beautyful thoughts for me to have Summer... Maybe for me it would be the year of cushion covers ;-). If you begin one, then others come and want to have too ... Have a great weekend with your family! Sabine.

  4. Anonymous3/28/2013

    This is lovely, Ana.

  5. OOh beautiful blanket squares Ana! What patience you must have!
    Thanks for all your stash busting ideas and inspiration!
    Ali x

  6. Love the nautical squares and the daisy squares. I love daisies they always look fresh and pretty. I have finished my wave blanket just waiting for a sunny day to photograph it. Will be starting another blanket soon :-) Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  7. So much inspiration from your blog-especially love your borders on your blankets! Great projects and photos. Thanks so much for your blog!


  9. Hola Ana,como siempre precioso todo lo que nos enseñas.
    La que masme ha gustado es la infantil, me entran ganas de hacer una para mi sobrina la verdad es que me has contagiado tu pasion por el crochet ,claro que que no tengo tu destreza.
    ¡Gracias maestra por compartir!

  10. Your blankets are coming along beautifully, Ana! I love the colour combinations on the first one.
    Granny squares are fun to make and your post is inspiring, I think I too will start a granny square blanket soon. It sure is a great way to stash bust :)

  11. You are so right about blankets as stashbusters! All three projects are beautiful.

  12. I love all your blanket Ana. Great color choices and isn't it fun to use up that stash?? Have a great weekend.

    Eileen :)

  13. What gorgeous granny squares, very pretty indeed!
    Have a great Easter.

  14. Ana, me gustan tooooooodas!
    Son preciosas! La de cuadritos, la de margaritas...
    Tengo ganas de verlas terminadas!

  15. Gorgeous blankets Ana ... love the dark blue in your niece's blanket. I've been thinking of trying a knitted blanket, but it seems just a bit daunting ... I'll have to build up some courage first! Wendy

  16. soooo beautiful Ana....

  17. Hola, me gustan las tres mantas, son diferentes y a la vez preciosas.
    besos y Feliz Pascua.

  18. I love the colors of your first blanket!
    Unexpected and interesting.
    Happy Easter!

  19. Lovely blankets in progress. The different colours make each one unique and beautiful.
    Enjoy your blanket making.

  20. Wow Ana - 3 blankets! I'm still struggling to finish my first - I'm at an impasse, I can't decide where to go, I had alway planned to make it rectangular, but right now it's near to square and I like it ... so I have stopped to digest it and think whether it's laziness that makes me want to finish (!), or if I really like it ... another motivator is that I feel that I made it too wide to start with and going for the longer rectangular version will make it even bigger and maybe as a square it's a better size ... btw, I love the colours and simplicity of the nautical blanket ...
    Hope you had a good Easter
    Em xxx

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