18 May 2013

CAL: Clamshell projects

(Crochet * Stash-buster)

My mom and I recently joined in a Crochet Along (CAL) organized by Sandra from Cherry Heart: Clamshell Along.  The challenge is to crochet a project using her latest pattern: the Clamshell, which has a very cool and contemporary look. 
Mi mama y yo recientemente nos unimos al reto de Sandra @ Cherry Heart, que nos invita a probar su nuevo patrón: Clamshell Along, el cual tiene un diseño muy contemporáneo.

Sandra has a photo-tutorial in her blog, if you want to check it out: Clam Shell patternor maybe you will be tempted to join in the CAL: Clamshell Along.
Sandra preparó un tutorial fotográfico en su blog, por si les interesa: Clam Shell Pattern

And what did we decide to make with this cute pattern?...
¿Y qué decidimos hacer con este lindo patrón?... 
My mom is making a baby blanket, and this here is the beginning stage…
Mi mamá está haciendo una manta para bebé, y estos es el comienzo…

I decided to make a tote bag.  On my first try, the project was coming out too small. Instead of frogging it and unraveling, I decided to turn it into a pencil case (just needs the lining and zipper now...)
Yo decidí hacer una bolsa para mis lanas.   En mi primer intento, el proyecto me estaba saliendo muy pequeño.  En lugar de deshacerlo, decidí convertirlo en un estuche para lápices (sólo necesita el forro y el cierre...)  

But the idea of the tote is still on…and I already started it…but with different colours, all with yarn from my stash.  Yes, this is a great stash-buster project!
Pero la idea de hacer una bolsa grande sigue firme…y ya la comencé de nuevo, pero con diferentes colores, todos con lanas acumuladas. 

I hope to show you the finished projects soon…
Espero mostrarles pronto estos proyectos terminados…


  1. The clamshell pattern is pretty neat.. Love the baby pastel colors of the blanket and your pencil case turn out pretty too. Hugs judy

  2. wonderful colours and a great pattern to hook!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Ohhh que bonito!! Y geniales los proyectos!!!! Y el convertirlo en un estuche es genial!!! Con ganas de ver todo terminado!!

  4. beautiful pattern...love your mom's blankie, pretty colors...

  5. it's a lovely pattern Ana, and the pencil case is very pretty, your mums blanket is going to be beautiful :)

  6. Fab stitch - looks great Ana!
    Ali x

  7. Wow, the pencil case is super!! ♥ Great idea to turn the too small bag in this beauty :-). And I love the color's of your mum's baby blanket as well! I also started a blanket with this beautiful clamshell pattern some days ago but I'm not sure if it's the right pattern for my yarn. We'll see ;-).

  8. Still loving still idea so much, must make myself one I think. Thanks so much for linking up to my blog :)

    S x

    PS I was thinking of doing a clamshell along follow up post at some point and featuring some of the things that people had used the pattern for. Would you have any objections so me using a couple of your photos? I will of course credit you and link to your blog, this post maybe?

    1. Of course, Sandra. You can use any picture you like ;-) It will be fun to see the different projects and colours all together

  9. Looks great Ana. I love your colour choices.

  10. Beautiful pattern, and your crochet projects are looking lovely :)

  11. Es un diseño precioso y muy original!! Estoy deseando ver cómo te queda la bolsa!


  12. Hola y muchas gracias por tu comentario. Que punto tan bonito y el estuche es precioso¡¡¡¡

  13. Se ve super bonito. Muchas gracias por la información.

  14. Love these shells so much! I have never seen this stitch before, looks beautiful :)

  15. This is a gorgeous stitch Ana, I have to learn it! Sorry I haven't visited in a while, real-life has been too busy! I'm just catching up on all the amazing things you have made, I wish I were as productive as you!


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