29 May 2015

Making progress

(Knit * Crochet)

I am making progress…
Estoy avanzando…

…with the cotton top.  I am knitting on the round, from the bottom up; I will separate the front and back when reaching the arms. 
…con la blusa de algodón.  Estoy tejiendo en redondo, desde abajo para arriba; cuando llegue a la parte de los brazos, separaré las parte de frente y atrás. 

Also making progress with the Daisy blanket.  I finished the squares, and it is now time to join them.  I am using a continuous joining method, so this part will go faster than usual.

También estoy avanzando con la manta de margaritas.  Ya terminé los cuadros, y ahora es tiempo de unirlos.  Estoy usando un método de unión continua, así que iré más rápido (en los enlaces siguientes encuentran las instrucciones en inglés, pero con gráficas y fotos).
If you are curious about this method, check these tutorials:
b. JoiningSquares Method 3 @ The Patchwork Heart  


  1. Schitterend !!! Groetjes, Tinne.

  2. Both prjects are coming on great Ana, I love them both. :)

  3. Que lindo, Ana!
    Bom fim de semana.
    Beijo da Nina

  4. Love the blanket a real delight. The combination of colours is beautiful.

  5. I love the colours of your cotton top. I dislike joining squares, so anyone who does that has my full admiration.

  6. What a pretty summery top, and I love that cheerful flowery blanket! :)

  7. I love both your projects. Are you using the 2 yarns together? It really is a stunning effect. I love your daisy blanket and I am making plain squares right now and planning on using that joining method which I have never tried but I'm looking forward to it as everyone says it's wonderful! How big is your blanket going to be and what yarns are you using...I love the colors! So glad to find another "crocheter"!

    1. Yes, in a previous post I mentioned that I am knitting with two threads of cotton (one finer than the other). You should try this joining method. The good news is that you dont have to cut yarn in the process, which makes it faster. Regarding the Daisy blanket, is going to be rather small (for a baby carriage). I used DK yarn (Dora by Madame Trictote paris); they have gorgeous colors, and a shine to it. I am currently preparing the post and photos, so you should see it soon :-) Greetings,
      Ana BC

  8. Preciosas las dos labores! La combinación de la blusa es exquisito como se va acomodando. La colchita linda!

  9. Wow, I love both.
    The colours are beautiful.


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