22 May 2013

Baby: 2 Short Cardigans


These are two crochet cardigans for baby girls, with short sleeves...perfect for summer:
Estos son dos cardigans para bebé hechos en ganchillo, con mangas cortas...perfectas para el verano:

a.  White Short-Sleeved Cardi

Made in crochet with white cotton (Size: 18 m)
Hecho en ganchillo con algodón blanco. (Talla de 18 m)

Made from the top down, raglan-style.
Hecho de arriba para abajo, estilo ranglan.

Instead of buttons, I added a crochet string to tie on the front, with fantasy pearls on the tips.
En lugar de botones, le puse una cinta a ganchillo para amarrar al frente, con perlas de fantasía en las puntas. 

And a small crochet flower…of course!
Y, por supuesto, una pequeña flor en ganchillo. 

b.  Pale Green Short-Sleeved Cardi 

Made in a very pale green artisan cotton (Size: 6m)
Hecha con un algodón artesanal de color verde pálido. (Talla: 6m)

Also made from the top down, raglan-style, with a V-neck.
También hecho de arriba para abajo, estilo ranglan, coin cuello en "V".

Cream buttons in the shape of flowers.
Botones color crema, en forma de flor. 

No pattern…improvised.
Sin patrón…improvisado.


  1. Lovely wee sweater and the buttons are adorable. Hugs Judy

  2. Anonymous5/22/2013

    Your work is absolutely stunning. And I love the colours and buttons and pearls----- just everything

  3. Very pretty Ana. I love them both! X

  4. So pretty - that little green one is precious!

  5. very pretty Ana...

  6. They are gorgeous Ana, your work is always so neat and perfect :)


  8. Just beautiful........as always :)

  9. So nice!
    I wish I knew someone who will have a baby soon; I would try to make one!

  10. So cute!!! Love the colors. Very feminine and pretty.

  11. I want to try to make one of these cardigans, if you don’t mind.
    Without a pattern, just give it a try.
    What size crochet hook did you use?

    1. That would be great, Estella :-)
      I think I used a hook 3mm (but maybe it was 3.5 mm)
      I wish I could help you with the number of st for the neck, but I checked my notebook and I did not write it down.
      There is a baby pattern that I used to learn how to make these cardigans, and maybe you it can help you too:
      @ BUNDLES OF LOVE: http://bundlesoflove.org/CrochetedBabySweater

      Let me know how it goes...

    2. Hi Ana,
      you can see my result here: http://dehakerij.blogspot.nl/2013/06/babyvestje-baby-cardigan.html
      If you happen to have some time you should try to make a pattern!
      These cardigans are so cute. And there are no cardigans on Ravelry that are nearly as nice as yours!


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