12 February 2013

Infinity in Stripes

Infinito con Líneas

Browsing through Ravelry, I found a scarf with colorful stripes that I liked very much.  It is called: Middle Mountain Cowl.  I fell in love with it…and I knew I had to make one...
Revisando Los patrones en Ravelry, me encontré con una bufanda con líneas de colores que me gustó mucho.  Éste recibe el nombre de “Middle Mountain Cowl” (lit. “Cuello de Montaña”).  Me enamoré de ella..y supe que tenía que hacerme una… 

It is an infinity scarf  or cowl, in stripes of alternating colors (similar to what I did for my Baktus scarf).
Es una bufanda o cuello infinito, con líneas de colores alternados (similar a lo que hice con mi Bufanda Baktus).  

It is made with a simple rib stitch 1x1....
Está hecho en con un resorte simple de 1x1...

I used several worsted yarns from my stash, in colors: Light Blue, Turquoise, Country Blue, Magenta, Beige, White, Light Grey and Dark Grey.
Usé varias lanas medianas en colores: celeste, turquesa, magenta, azul campestre, beige, blanco, gris claro y gris oscuro. 

Free Pattern (Patrón gratuito):
@ Ravelry: MiddleMountain Cowl

I am so tempted to make another one…but I decided to make first a second Baktus (I gave the first one to my niece).  Here is the yarn stash I will use for this second one:
Estoy muy tentada a hacer otra…pero antes de ello, decidí hacerme mi segunda Baktus (la primera se la regalé a mi sobrina).  Esta segunda la haré con estas lanas acumuladas:

 Can you imagine how it is going to look like? 
¿Pueden imaginarse cómo va a quedar?  


  1. Te ha quedado preciosa! Me encanta el colrido :)

  2. This cowl looks great! And the second Bactus will become beautyful too. Happy week!

  3. It's lovely Ana I bet your niece must love it, looking forward to seeing the second one :)

  4. Es muy bonita y los colores tambien :)

  5. Buena idea para irse deshaciendose de los poquitos que quedan. I like it, a like it a lot!!!

  6. Really pretty scarf - the colours are great, I love the pink/purple yarn :) x

  7. Those are pretty and the colours are great combos. I wonder if you have a pattern for crochet, too?
    I just posted my first stash-buster challenge project.

    1. I don´t know of a crochet version...I guess we have to experiment a bit.
      I will visit your blog now to see your first project :-)

  8. Oh wow, I hope you don't mind but I had to pin your scarf, it is soooooo cute, my daughter will love this!!!

  9. Anonymous2/14/2013

    Great job!

  10. Ana, do you ever sleep? It seems like you are always creating with yarn and hook or needles! Everything you make is absolutely beautiful! Best wishes, Tammy

  11. Gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  12. The scarf is very cute!

  13. Esta bufanda multicolor es preciosa . Chica no paras, enhorabuena .Un abrazo


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