22 March 2013

Ideas: Crochet.1

Crochet Inspiration @ www... 
Some ideas to crochet (perfect for stash-busting), with links to patterns...

Inspiración para ganchillo @ www
Algunas ideas para usar las lanas acumuladas, con enlaces a los patrones…

* Hair Toy Basket @ Busy Fingers, Busy Life

* Colorful bag @Attic 24

* Napkin Holders@ Ideas

* Flower vase cozy @ Sascha


  1. I love your ideas and links! Thank you for sharing! Happy weekend from North to South! Sabine.

  2. More projects to add to my list! I'm doing an Attic 24 bag ATM, but love the first bag and the spotty vase cosy. Just finishing your wave blanket, it looks lovely and I've really enjoyed doing it. Thanks for sharing, Rowen@ Coastal Colours x

  3. Lovely links Ana! Have a great weekend x

  4. Lovely idea's Ana, I would love to make a bag but it's lining it that puts me off, have a great weekend xx

  5. Great ideas and links :)

  6. Cuantas cosas bonitas!

  7. Love all of these Ana! But you've also had me thinking about an adult-sized poncho so.... !! Just not enough hours in the day for all the projects I want to make! E x

  8. Hi Ana, Thank you for featuring my basket! I absolutely adore your study in squares blanket. Such a great stashbusting project!

  9. Second time in the day that I see a bag and I actually need a bag for my knitting. Looks like a project coming my way.
    Saludos amistosos desde Toronto, Canada

  10. All so cute and cheerful! :)


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