03 December 2013

Angora Hat and Scarf

(Knit * Stash-buster)

Lately I have felt a renewed love for angora yarn.  I think I have never used so much of it in my whole life as I have in the past few months.  I have already shown you some projects I have made so far (Color ChangeHybrid Scarf), and there are more in the works…  But for now, let me show you a hat and a scarf I recently made with a variegated Angora yarn.
Disclaimer: The yarn used in these projects is an angora imitation; no rabbits were harmed.  

Últimamente me ha despertado una pasión por la lana angora.  Creo que no he usado tanta en toda mi vida como lo he hecho en los últimos meses.  Ya les mostré unos proyectos que hice hasta ahora (Color ChangeHybrid Scarf), y aún estoy haciendo otros…Pero por ahora les mostraré una gorra y bufanda que acabo de hacer con angora manchada.

The scarf is a Baktus (pattern in English: Baktus Scarf ).  I love Angora knits to be airy, so I knitted it with an 8 mm needle.
Esta bufanda es un Baktus (Patrón: Baktus en Español ).  Me gusta que el tejido en angora sea liviano y calado, por lo tanto usé unas agujas de 8 mm. 

The hat is knit from the bottom up.  For the rib part I used a medium yarn in a solid color from my stash, and the rest is made in the multicolor Angora…all knit with 6.5 mm circular knitting needles). 
La gorra está tejida de abajo para arriba.  La parte del resorte la hice con una lana mediana en color sólido, y el resto con la angora multicolor…todo tejido con unas agujas circulares de 6.5 mm.

It is a dreamy set, so soft and light.
Es un conjunto de ensueño, tan suave y liviano.

 Disclaimer: The yarn used in these projects is an angora imitation; no rabbits were harmed.  


  1. Hello
    I love angora yarn.
    Your work is beautiful.

  2. Dreamy and light is a great description. Lovely!

  3. Ana I must post about my scarf tomorrow so you can see the similarity in colours it's amazing, different type of yarn though, your's looks lovely and soft

  4. Un conjunto precioso y en esos tonos rosados me encantan-

  5. Don't want to spoil your fun and you make beautiful things, but please take a look at this article. I knew nothing about it but will never touch the yarn again:

    1. I had no idea, Klaaske. That is horrible! Fortunately, when I went to check the label of the yarn, I discovered it was an imitation of angora, and not the real thing. It fooled me because it was so soft, but I am glad to report that no rabbits were involved in the process :-s I normally would be upset that I did not buy the "real thing", but in this case I am glad!

    2. It gave me a terrible fright too, but I'm glad a lot of people are getting to know about it. Here in Holland there are already two major stores that have banned it and costumers that bought anything with angora can return it and get their money back.
      I'm so glad for you that you can enjoy the beautiful things you made, knowing it's not "the real thing"!

  6. Anonymous12/04/2013

    Again and again pretty!

  7. Beautiful set! And angora yarn must be very comfortable :-) I like it ;-)

  8. Absolutely beautiful.

  9. Hermoso!
    Toodo lo que haces tiene un no se qué, que Qué se Yo?!
    Besos Guapa!

  10. Teji un Baktus tambien, siguiendo tus consejos. Quedan tan lindos, ademas que se puede usar todos esos poquitos que van quedando resagados, ocupando espacio que podria ser para nuevas lanas.
    Thanks for sharing!!!


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