30 October 2014

SOQUCO scarf


Soft, Quick, Cozy”, also known as Soquco.  This is the name of a knit scarf/shawlette I found the pattern in Raverly, and I am so glad I did.  It is truly quick to make, and cozy to wear…
“Suave, Rápido, Cómodo”, conocido como Soquco (por sus siglas en inglés: soft, quick, cozy).

The pattern calls for 2 strands of light yarn, preferably merino, angora or alpaca, because of their lightness.  I actually did use just one strand of angora* [* 40% angora goat hair; 60 % acrylic], for the simple reason that we have mild winters where I live.  The shape of the scarf is an elongated triangle.  One starts knitting at the front tip, with increases on every row and every side.  When changing colors, the stripes come out horizontal (the opposite of the Baktus scarf). The original pattern is larger, which can be used as a shawl, but I made it smaller, as a scarf.  I am already planning to knit more of these…

En el patrón original se usan dos lanas livianas juntas, tales como merino, angora o alpaca.  Sin embargo, yo decidí usar sólo una lana angora (ya que nuestros inviernos son leves).  Esta bufanda tiene una forma de triángulo alargado, y se comienza a tejer en la parte inferior, y se va incrementando en cada pasada de ambos lados.  Al cambiar de color, las franjas salen horizontales (lo opuesto al Baktus).  El patrón original es para un chal, pero yo lo hice un poco más pequeño, como bufanda.  Ya estoy planeando hacer más de estas lindas bufandas…

Pattern (patrón): Soquco @ Ravelry (free download)


  1. Exquisite, a really beautiful scarf, love the colours.

  2. It's beautiful Ana and made in my favourite colours, it looks so soft and warm. :)

  3. oh so gorgeous ! so beautiful ! I'm gonna try this pattern ! thanks for sharing ! have a creative week end !

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  5. Oh my, it looks so nice. So soft and cozy. Perfect mindless knitting.
    Have a perfect week end

  6. Que bonito Ana.

  7. Me encanta, tiene el mismo estilo que las baktus! Hermosa y los colores chulísimos! Un abrazo.

  8. That is a gorgeous piece, I have put it in my library and hope to get one made up soon.
    Hugs and thank you for the great idea.

  9. Te quedó preciosa y los colores que elegiste también. Buen fin de semana

  10. LOVE it, maybe there will be some knitting in my near future too! thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  11. Simple and yet elegant! Very nice scarf - such pretty colours.

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