12 November 2013

Crochet Baktus


Some of you crocheters will be happy to hear that there is a crochet version for the Baktus scarf (the triangle-shaped scarf that I showed you in: Baktus love).  Well, actually there are several versions:
Algunas ganchilleras se alegrarán de saber que la Bufanda Baktus también puede hacerse en ganchillo.  Hay varios patrones en inglés, que pueden descargarse gratuitamente en Ravelry (para acceder al enlace, hagan click en cualquiera de los siguientes títulos):

a. Crochet Baktus by Helda Panagary (free download @ Ravelry)
b. Crochet Version of Baktus Scarf by Jude Butterworth (free download @ Ravelry)
c. Crochet Baktus by Tammi Palmer (free download @ Ravelry)

There is even one that is a little bit lacy and has bobbles...
También hay una versión calada (escrita en ruso e inglés, pero con gráficas)...

d. Baktus scarf "Dreaming about winter" by Daria Nassiboulina (in Russian and English, and with charts)

I made a variation of this last one, but without the bobbles...
Yo hice esta última versión, pero sin el punto resaltado...  

I used a bright orange cotton yarn, with a 4 mm hook.  [Sorry for the funky color in the photos.  I found it hard to photograph orange!)
Usé una lana de algodón color naranja, con un gancho 4 mm. [Tendrán que disculparme por el colorido extraño de las fotos, ya que me resultó un poco difícil fotografiar el color naranja].

Later I added a border, for a special touch…and, of course, tassles at the ends.
Luego le añadí un borde, para darle un toque especial.  Por supuesto, también flecos en las puntas.

The size is quite nice, as it can also be used as a shawlette.
El tamaño es muy práctico, ya que también puede servir como un chal pequeño.

Even if you don´t knit but just crochet…you can also make a Baktus scarf…
Para quienes sólo les gusta en ganchillo, y no las dos agujas…también pueden hacerse una bufanda Baktus.


  1. It's beautiful! I have been wanting to make a baktus for some time now but other projects keep getting in the way. I love your orange one. :)

  2. I've been working on one of these as something easy to do when time allows. But I didn't know there are patterns available so thank you for posting about them. I really like the color of yours and the border especially.

  3. Wow! They are all so pretty and colorful. I looked at all of them and the possibilities are amazing. Beautiful work Ana. :)

  4. Hi.
    This is very beautiful. And i love the orange colour.

  5. It's beautiful Ana, I started knitting one yesterday and pulled it back several times not happy with the result but, I think I'm away with it now, I'm just doing this first one in one colour to see how it turns out but I love the crochet version and I have to make this one too, love it!

  6. Esta versión a ganchillo es también muy bonita, quiero hacerme uno, pero aún tengo otras labores entre las manos. Gracias por todas las ideas que nos aportas.

  7. Esta bien saberlo !! Muchas gracias ya que también queda bonito a ganchillo !

  8. Ana, I am crazy about the baktus, especially after I saw skinny versions on the internet. I tried my hand at one too and simply love all yours!

  9. Very pretty, this lacy version of the baktus!
    I think I want one too ;-)

  10. Ana, so simple and so pretty baktus! The colour is very joyful! Also I liked the border. I've just started the same baktus as your. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Ana, can I ask you to share with us how you made the border, please.
    Olga Xx

  11. I've bookmarked the knitted version to make "sometime" between now & Christmas! I love the look of this crocheted version as well, and it looks great in orange with that pretty edge & the tassles ... wonderful creation! Have a great week Ana :) Wendy x

  12. Es hermosa. Y me gusta mucho el color naranja.

  13. OOh beautiful Ana...lovely colour too!
    Ali x

  14. Anonymous11/13/2013

    Simply fabulous, thanks for sharing! And I love the orange, so sunny and happy! Corinne

  15. I love this beautiful orange scarf! Wonderful.

  16. I made one two years ago it is such a lovely type of shawl! I made it from another version than you are posting here. It was a lacy version and free!

  17. Yours is my favorite version :)

  18. Merci beaucoup for your beautifull sharings!
    This Baktus is so pretty!
    I really think it is the best winter scarf because of its shape.
    The color of yours is so peps and lovelly!

  19. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)


  20. Awesome color and good work on the shawl. I just recently made my very first one and I am starting to think that they can become addicting to make. I have already started my second and have a third in mind :)

  21. I just stumbled upon your blog from Hanni's blog, I love your Baktus scarves they are beautiful! this orange is such a vibrant color it makes me think of summer days.


  22. Wow crocheted Bakus looks as great as the knitted one :) Thank you for sharing!

  23. Hola Ana. Yo acabo de tejer uno a dos agujas y me ha gustado mucho, tanto que voy a repetir; pero para las que no hablamos ni jota de inglés... ¿conoces alguna versión en castellano del chal tejido a ganchillo?.
    Gracias y un saludo

    1. Hola Sonia. Me alegro tanto que hayas tejido un baktus en dos agujas. ¿Tienes fotos? me encantaría verlo. Sobre el chal en castellano, pues no hay. Pero en el enlace rtuso hay una gráfica que puede ayudar. Tal vez pueda hacer una gráfica de un versión...pero tendrá que esperar un rato porque ahora tengo demasiados proyectos en camino...

    2. Love your scarf the best it is gorgeous and I happen to love orange.
      Hope I still have some orange cotton left that I brought from the Netherlands to make me one.
      Thanks for the links and for showing us how to make it.
      Happy crocheting,


  24. Love this warm crochet version of the baktus.
    Looks like a very versatile piece.

  25. I love Baktus scarves and like your a lot! Beautiful interpretation of this classic.

  26. So, THIS is what those lovely scarves is called! Oh, what a wonderful Sunday I'm having, and it's been spent here. 😊:-) you have a really nice blog! Outside its raining and windy, a real storm. Inside, I have a bowl of warm, steaming homemade vegetable beef soup in front of me, as I browse your cosy site. Like I said, It's a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

    1. Thank you for all your lovely comments, Maschelle! I am so glad you enjoyed browsing through my blog. I hope you find inspiration...

  27. wundervoll!
    Liebe Grüße, Manja

  28. Hola Ana, me encanta como te ha quedado, es precioso y en naranja más.Me puedes decir como has echo el remate del bode?,gracias,mi blog por si quieres ver las cositas que tejo.


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